are youyou readyready toto joinjoin thethe aqomi army?army?

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes of a hit new tv show?


AQOMI ARMY is already in production and now is your chance to get exclusive access to join the club. In the form of an NFT, we’re allowing a limited group of individuals to participate in the making of AQOMI ARMY. These NFT holders will be able to; communicate with the team, influence what happens on the show, and be first in line for all upcoming drops both physical and digital. If the trailer made you laugh then you won’t want to miss this. Apply for the Schitt List to see if you made the cut. 



Best-selling artist and the creator of The Animal Kingdom Collection


Project Manager

Everyone's favorite degen with that iconic goatee

Dark Alley Alan


Acclaimed Mexican artist and illustrator emerging from the shadows

Jeff Paquet

Voices + Comedy

Experienced Filmmaker and NFT collector


Lead Developer

Experienced developer and the coding whiz

Chris Johnson

Director of Animation

Avid director and believer in the power of Web3