are youyou readyready toto joinjoin thethe aqomi army?army?

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes of a hit new tv show?


AQOMI ARMY is already in production and now is your chance to get exclusive access to join the club. In the form of an NFT, we’re allowing a limited group of individuals to participate in the making of AQOMI ARMY. These NFT holders will be able to; communicate with the team, influence what happens on the show, and be first in line for all upcoming drops both physical and digital. If the trailer made you laugh then you won’t want to miss this. 

episode 1 - Saving Ryan's Privates


AQOMI ARMY is a community project. Holders are invited into the writers' room to influence the outcome of the series.

  • Saturday, November 12th at 1:20pm EST we are hosting WRITERS’ ROOM #9
    • Three times per week we host a private creative session with our community to vote on the outcome of each episode
  • Tuesday, November 15th at 7:20pm EST we are hosting WRITERS’ ROOM #10
  • Thursday November 17th at 7:20pm EST we are hosting WRITERS’ ROOM #11
  • Estimated completion for 1st Episode is 4-6 weeks
  • Once episode 1 is completed we prepare a release and 3,000 piece NFT drop…Current holders receive automatic WL
  • Episode 2 begins after the big drop.
  • Series continues with new episodes every 4-6 weeks along with merch and physical collectible drops along the way